Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop and divide in the colon or rectum forming a mass called a tumor.

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The discovery and development of a new revolutionary biomarker can provide patients and physicians with an easier method to detect colorectal cancer.

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Clinical Trials

EDP Biotech has conducted clinical trials with two approved IRB's.  EDP evaluated the clinical sensitivity and specificity of the ColoMarker® ELISA immunoassay with serums from both IRB studies.

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ColoMarker® would become the first test to combine diagnostic applications with use as a patient management tool that could help physicians determine the effectiveness of colon cancer treatment in patients. 

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Research & Development


EDP Biotech's biomarker discovery team has developed a novel early detection product for conception in humans and mammals called ECF™, a first-in-class early conception factor test.

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